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We've Got Your Back

Pleasant View Property Services makes life easier for property managers and owners by creating value and unparalleled customer experiences through a team of reliable, sustainable and accountable subject-matter-experts at an investment that will yield a positive return. We utilize best-in-class smart-technology, customized Apps, and Best Management Practices [BMP’s] to ensure clients maximize their return on investment. For example, our team leaders are equipped with mobile devices with customized Pleasant View Applications that allow us to alert clients in real-time, and document small issues before they become BIG problems, while on site. We communicate, receive approval, and fix these small issues immediately before they escalate into major a issues.  We’re your eyes, ears and safety net and we take the heavy load of stress and angst off your property managers’ back.  At Pleasant View we like to say “we’ve got your back” …and really mean it!  We have collaborative and communicative relationships with all of our property managers, and treat one another with mutual respect and trust.

Our Core is Based on the Three E's




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Our Mission

We devote ourselves to satisfying customers by creating tangible value and outstanding customer experiences. And we build intimate and long term relationships through ethical business practices, honest communication, collaboration and mutual respect. Our core and sustainable tenets are the 3 E’s- Economical, Ecological and Ethical, and these underscore everything we do. Fostering, sponsoring, and pursuing personal and professional enrichment programs are paramount to an individual’s and team’s growth and success. Innovation and creativity continue to drive the future growth of company. Public interaction and private business will be conducted with the utmost professional conduct. Rewards and recognition begin and end with believing in and practicing this progressive mission
Professional Memberships and Accreditations

Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA)

PLANET Professional Land Care Network

Snow and Ice Management Association


Our History

A Property Management Company’s Perfect Partner. Deep Roots Form a Strong Foundation. With a management team garnering over 75 years of facility management experience, we’re a team that is willing and ready to tackle any challenge presented. Immediately after launching our business, we began growing and evolving. Our drive and obsession for excellence, customer service and continual improvement via education fueled that growth.  We uncovered a business segment that was under-served, and that played to our strengths and allowed all stakeholders to thrive and excel. By serving the mission-critical needs of property managers and owners in the commercial, industrial, multi-family, corporate, retail, health-care, and institutional markets, and delivering tangible value that enhanced their sites, while also increasing the value of their real-estate assets and brand equity with a reasonable investment, made for a mutually successful business model.

Our service area includes the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, spreading into more distant suburbs in Virginia and Maryland. As we expanded our internal professional staff, we’ve also built strategic alliances with a hand-picked, diversified group of world-class service providers. Through collaboration and communication with our service providers, we’ve developed a series of Best Management Practices and procedures. This focus on excellence is an on-going business practice. The net results of this work includes value engineering that significantly reduces costs and increases efficiencies while creating a safer and more sustainable site, and all-around greater customer experience. Throughout our careers in business, we’ve been driven by consistent goals: to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction, safety, cleanliness, quality and professionalism … delivered by a team of industry Subject Matter Experts and backed by world-class service and responsiveness.
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At the Forefront of Community Leadership

At Pleasant View Property Services, we’re committed to being a responsible, ethical, and sustainable member of the communities in which we do business. After all, our communities are home to our clients, staff and strategic partners as well — and healthy communities require the support and involvement of everyone.

That’s why we regard giving back to the community as an essential business practice. For example, we recently donated expertise and landscaping services to install a new rain garden for students at an elementary school in Crofton, MD. It’s just one of the many ways we try to enrich lives in our community.  Philanthropy and being socially responsible is an ongoing practice and focus of Pleasant View.

We’ve got your back!

We devote ourselves to satisfying customers by creating tangible value and outstanding customer experiences.